25 April 1945

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April 1945

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Eastern Front

Berlin entirely encircled by Soviet forces

Soviet troops clear the Samland Peninsula


US 1st Army patrols make contact with Soviet forces near Torgau

Western Front

US 3rd Army attacks Cheb (Czechoslovakia)

US 7th Army crosses the Danube


5th Army takes Verona

War Crimes

Delegates from the War Crimes Commission leave London to visit the concentration camps


UN Conference on International Organisation opens in San Francisco

War in the Air

RAF bombs Berchtesgaden

A large number of Eighth Air Force bombardment groups carry out their last combat mission. Targets include a bridge near Salzburg (446th BG), the marshalling yard at Salzburg (448th BG), a transformer station at Traunstein (466th BG).

War at Sea

German submarine U-326 sunk with all hands in the Bay of Biscay

German submarine U-1197 decommissioned at Wesermunde

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