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Wars & Treaties

Wars & Treaties

Punic War, First, 264-241 BC
Punic War, Second, 218-201 BC
Syracuse, Roman alliance with, 263 B.C.


First Punic War - Second Punic War - Third Punic War

First Punic War

Adys, siege of, 256 B.C.
Adys, battle of, 256 B.C.
Aegates Islands, battle of the, 241 BC
Agrigentum, siege and battle of, 262 B.C.
Agrigentum, sack of, 254 B.C.
Aspis, siege of, 256 B.C.
Cape Ecnomus, battle of, 256 BC
Cape Hermaeum, battle of, 255 BC
Drepanum, battle of, 249 B.C.
Drepanum, siege of, 242-241 B.C.
Lilybaeum, siege of, 250-241 B.C.
Lipera Islands, battle of (260 B.C.)
Messana, 264 B.C., siege of
Mylae, battle of, 260 BC
Panormus, siege of, 254 B.C.
Panormus, battle of, 251 B.C.
Tunis, battle of, 255 BC

Second Punic War

Metaurus, battle of, 22 June 207 BC
Ticinus, battle of, November 218 BC
Trebia, battle of, late December 218 BC

Third Punic War


Hannibal Barca, 247- 183B

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