Country Index: Iran and Persia


Wars and Treaties

Babylon, settlement at, 323 BC
Diadoch War, First, 322-320 BC
Diadoch War, Second, 319-316 BC
Egypt, Persian Conquest of, 525 BC
Gulf War - Coalition Amphibious Operations
Ionian Revolt, 499-493
Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988
Persian Conquest of Egypt, 525 BC
Satrap's Revolt, c.370s-350s
Tanker War 1984-1988
Triparadisus, settlement at, 320 BC


Amathus, siege of, c.498-7 BC
Apollonia, battle near, 220 BC

Artemisium, battle of, 480 BC
Carystus, siege of, 490 BC
Ephesus, battle of, 498 BC
Eretria, battle of, 490 BC
Gabiene, battle of, 316 BC
Labraunda, battle of , 497 BC
Lade, battle of, 494 BC
Maeander, River, battle, 497 BC
Malene, battle of, 494 BC
Marathon, battle of, 12 September 490 BC
Memphis, siege, early 525 BC
Miletus, siege, 494 BC
Mycale, battle of, 479 BC
Naxos, siege of, 499
Olynthus, siege of, early 479 BC
Paphos, siege of, c.497
Pedasus or Pedasa, battle of, 497 or 496 BC
Pelusium, battle of, early 525
Plataea, battle of, August 479 BC
Potidaea, siege of, 480-479 BC
Salamis (Cyprus), battle of, c.497
Salamis, battle of, 23 or 24 September 480
Sardis, battle of, 498 BC
Sestus, siege, 479-478 BC
Shiraz, battle of, 1393
Soli, siege of, c.497 BC
Thermopylae, battle of, August 480 BC
Yazd, siege of, 1396


Achaemenes/ Haxamanish, king of Persis, fl. early 7th C. BC
Cambyses I, king of Persis, r.c.600-559 BC
Cyrus I, king of Persis, fl mid 7th C. BC
Teispes, king of Persis, fl. mid 7thC BC

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